Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Animation Interview session : Best's of the best artwork

Design Technology conducted specialization interview for the first year design students before entering to their favourite majors. The students required to exhibit their own original sketches, drawings and presentations showing the candidate commitment to this course. A total of 170 students for Semester 1 intake 2015 for Design Technology.

Students are required to presents their portfolio to enter:

1. Animation 
2. Graphic Design
3. Industrial Design
4. Textile and Fashion Design

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Animation courses opens now for MA and PhD application

We are now offering Masters and PhD (by research) in animation to all, continuing graduates and including industry professionals who wants to extend their studies in any specific sub topic of animation, character design, animation story telling, visual effects and game art. The topics extends to theories of digital content policies, influence of culture in animations and innovative methods in animation production. 

We are now accepting Masters and PhD proposals for 2016 enrollment, for enquiries FACA contact post-graduate , guides for graduate studies (available in pdf)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Final year project - The bestest of 2014

The best so far in 2014, 

Final Animation film Dragon Loong by Desmond Lee aka Lee Jian Loong

Screencaps from animatics


Clash of Borneo's Iban Warrior by Azizi Qairy Bolhassan

Animatic (copyright Azizi 2014)

3D animated finals

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Industrial Talk on Game Art& Design

Mr. Chan is the co-founder of Tomato Animation Sdn. Bhd., an award winning 3D animation and game studio base in Malaysia. 

The company focus on 2 objectives: Produce high quality, fresh and creative animatedcontent with entertaining stories as well as to produce simple and highly addictive casual game for mobile and pc platform. 

Tomato Animation Sdn Bhd also develops multi-platform casual games that run on iPhone, iPad, android and computers. Among some of the award-winning works produced at Tomato Animation Sdn. Bhd. are:

2010 Snaptoon Asia Winner : Ziro the Wizard in Training
2011 IPCC Animation Second runner up : Dugis
2011 IPCC Casual Game Winner : Ameya Jungle Warrior
2012 Icon : Chinese Zombie War 2.0

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Established in the local industries as acomic artist back in the 1999. Founder of the UrbanComics magazine, and one of the digital masters in the local scene. In 2006 he lead the KLP comic department, an international comics publishing house. His involvement in animation locally started in 2007 with the Ibn Battuta (trailer) project, and internationally with the Saladin TV series and Rip Smart projects (Hawaiian based project). Countless contribution in comics scene lead to his involvement in the film industries as the concept artist for Merong Mahawangsa, Vikingdom and Luncai.

Few of his notable achievement in creative contents industry are:
1) IPCC 2005 – comic finalist – solar prime
2) ASIAGRAPH 2007 – special mentioned in character design
3) CGTALK – Master and Servant challenge - finalist
4 MSC Kre8tif Award 2009 - Best Environmental design
5) PEKOMIK award 2009 – Best comic strip – Panglima Hitam
6) IPCC 2011 – comic finalist – Pawang rimau

7) IPCC 2009 – animation finalist – Eicak, the legend of Chini

Some of his projects:

2006 – Ibn Battuta character design
2007 – Saladin the nimated series background design
2008 – Merong Mahawangsa (KRU) Character Design
2009 – RIP Smart 3D animation environments
2010 – Eicak : The Riddles of chini animation trailers (IPCC)
2010 – Nyanyau and friends animation series
2010 – Environment design for 2d animation ‘ Sirah ‘ (KINVERWELL SDN BHD)
2010 - Environment design for 3d animation- Budak besi (PSYCHOTEK SDN BHD)
2010 – Character design for- Ummi ceritalah lagi (HUDHUD PRODUCTIONS)
2011 – Vikingdom character and environment design (KRU)
2011 – Character design for Pawang Rimau comics
2011 – Sahabat Alam animation shorts
2012 –Animation for Bakugan card series (SPINMASTER CANADA)
2012 – Environment design game development (VOLTA CANADA)
2012 – Animation for Uma tv series (OMC)
2013 – Character & Environment design for LUNCAI animated 3d Film (REDANG DIGITAL)
2013 –Animation for TVi channel ( RTM ) – Tambuakar
2013 – trailers for Brainy Bunch Montessori
2013 – MTV Animation shorts for Ummi ( HUDHUD PRODUCTIONS)
2013 – Character and Environment design for ADI GENIUSI (REDANG DIGITAL)
2013 – Illustrations for APOKALIPS-X montage (CHAIN FX)
2014 – Animation Director/Creative director for Tambuakar animation series

2015 - Creative director - Misi Menyelamatkan Pak Pandir ( 3D animation film)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Digital Concept Art and Digital Painting

 Students are exposed to live digital painting, they are also being instructed to carry and developed own research on digital painting concepts, from references such as colours and tonal values. The principal core of this class is development of personal digital creation, production concept and character for games.

Digital demonstration in GKN2093 class, warms up with fast sketches for digital creation.

w.i.p for final GKN2093 classes.
Final output of Digital concept art/ Su Zhu Hui (2015)

Concept Art Muhammad Kholiq (2015)

Works by Roselyn Hii and Tang Hung Moi (2010)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

FYP, Final Year Project.

The final year student developing narrative storylines brainstorming using Affinity method or as known as K.J Method, the term developed by Jiro Kawakita. This tool which well known of its usage in management method to organize ideas and data. the sticky notes were then sorted into groups based on proposed natural relationship by adapting (cause and effect Diagram).

(Picture courtesy of  Mdm. June Sze Jong)
Discussion for developing relationship between variables (Keyword)
Sorted ideas and keywords into classification, and priorities.

From Script to development of Storyboards
Organizing storyboard sequences by the students and the Lecturers

 Finalizing storyboard concepts and layout design