Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Industrial Talk on Game Art& Design

Mr. Chan is the co-founder of Tomato Animation Sdn. Bhd., an award winning 3D animation and game studio base in Malaysia. 

The company focus on 2 objectives: Produce high quality, fresh and creative animatedcontent with entertaining stories as well as to produce simple and highly addictive casual game for mobile and pc platform. 

Tomato Animation Sdn Bhd also develops multi-platform casual games that run on iPhone, iPad, android and computers. Among some of the award-winning works produced at Tomato Animation Sdn. Bhd. are:

2010 Snaptoon Asia Winner : Ziro the Wizard in Training
2011 IPCC Animation Second runner up : Dugis
2011 IPCC Casual Game Winner : Ameya Jungle Warrior
2012 Icon : Chinese Zombie War 2.0